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The chaperone kept walking as he answered, “No, Sir The master of the house is Felipe Villanueva We passed hiuests; he enjoys the attention”

Another slave Another woainst her will in this sa hu none of them will help her

Caleb stopped and I jumped when his hand pushed me forward Our eyesvery dark I did not want to knohat he was thinking I forced

The uests slowly drifted aith each twist and turn we took into the labyrinth Unfortunately, they were drowned out by the sound of a wo then I found Caleb’s ar my body around it I looked up to see the chaperone slide two doors apart and the screaed a short nod and then the ed me inside as he walked

Caleb stopped after a few steps and I could feel the way his body tensed So

I looked up and the sight in front of irl that had assisted in my attempted rape, the one who had watched while those o at me from both ends The one that had stood by while they punched, slapped, and kickedShe was naked and tied face down onto so man rammed himself into her over and over

When I regained consciousness, I realized Nancy wasn’t screaundy leather sofa and Caleb’s angry face was looking down on lass of water toI’d seen what could happen if Caleb left my side and I was determined to endear myself to him

Suddenly, a e I didn’t understand It was the sa sie was heated and forceful The other hed at Caleb I dared not look in the direction of that voice

Caleb’s brow furrowed, and his eyes focused above and behindher further will serve anyone’s purpose

The lish, Khoya? Do you want her to understand our conversation?” His words were thickly accented, but understandable “She should be afraid After the chase she led you on and the trouble she has caused, she obviously wasn’t terrified enough to begin with Jair mentioned you’ve been soft with her,” said the man

I could tell the ine Caleb would let anyone speak to him that way

Caleb’s voice rose and he rattled off a bunch of words in another language I didn’t understand; Arabic, I thought If I had to guess, I would say he was giving the other man a piece of his mind I sank into the couch and tried to become invisible as the two of them went back and forth

Finally, Caleb said, “Enough! Kitten, get down on the floor in your rest position” Though terrified, I didn’t think twice about obeying and quickly found s open and hs, head bowed, just as asked

“I want to look at her Coain, “Kitten”

I whimpered and shook, but I couldn’tand begging asmy position He had promised to protect me I hoped he would, now

Theoff of hier was directed toward It didn’t take long to figure out Caleb’s hand pushed my head away and he left my side

“Look at me,” Caleb said

He stood next to the Arab-looking man The man had put his clothes back on and I was somewhat surprised to see him in a dark, finely cut suit His shirt was unbuttoned sohtly sweaty skin He was a few inches shorter than Caleb, but still tall by my standard He was older than Caleb as well, perhaps in his forties His eyes were dead and dark They seemed to be rimmed in kohl but I could tell they weren’t It was an attribute associated with Middle Eastern , thick, and dark lashes However, I was not attracted to him in the least He was a monster

“Come here,” said Caleb and I knew exactly what he wanted It took quite a bit of effort on ed to craard hi my injured shoulder In the process I saw Nancy was out cold in the corner, still strapped down, but with a gag in her ive two fks about Nancy, but no one deserved that