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More words were exchanged in Arabic before the strange man in front of me addressed me, “Leet sawm k’leet sue,” he said

I looked toward Caleb who repeated the co s toward the pair, relieved I earing clothing That was, until theall coled to move away

“Stay where you are!” yelled Caleb and I was helpless against accepting the coround Within seconds, I lay in the appropriate position with er Betrayal burned hotly in my chest, but a voice in my head bade me to be smart and avoid confrontation No one had hurt me – not yet and until then, Caleb still kept his promise

“She’s hardly been broken I’ve had more obedient hounds!”

Caleb’s eyes narrowed in my direction He was embarrassed in front of this man on my account I knew that now I kneho the man must be Rafiq, my mind offered This was the man Caleb owed and he was the reason Caleb planned to sell me

“Lye zhaash chee!” ordered Caleb and once again I did as he asked I rolled over and lifted led to deh

Caleb and Rafiq spokeand took stock ofthe way One of his hands played alongto soothe hs and palh Caleb were trying to convince Rafiq of so I hoped it would end in my favor, but I had my doubts

Finally, Rafiq let out a resigned sigh “Fine, Khoya Perhaps when she is healed and trained properly, I will see her as you do For the moment, I am not so impressed”

Caleb urged hts with clipped and jerky e Despitefor Caleb’s embarrassment one way or another and soon

A groan froht our collective attention back to Nancy Rafiq laughed, “Now this one, Khoya This one is a whore She’s been had by almost everyone, but she continues to come no matter how brutally she is taken, or how many times It would be a pity to kill her, but of course, the choice is yours I would never deprive you of your blessed revenge” He walked over to Nancy and cut her loose

She screaed when I saw blood and sen run down both of her legs as he forced her to walk toward us while he led her by her hair It was lad she had been so cruel to me and had participated in my torture Otherwise I would be beside myself for what had been done to her It was difficult to stoine if this had been her penance for trying to help me

Nancy collapsed when Rafiq threw her in front of me She cried and whimpered, but what terrified me most was the way her hands reached out for me, “Help me,” she sobbed, “please, help me”

I was frozen for a few seconds, but then I grabbed her hands and bent her fingers until she let o I didn’t want any part in this I scooted back and dared a glance up at Caleb

“It’s your decision, Kitten I don’t knohat happened between you I don’t knohat role she played, but if you want her punished, if you want her dead, say the words and I’ll see to it,” Caleb said He was deadly serious I could see it in his eyes and I knehat he wanted me to say He wanted me to order her death

Broken sobs erupted froly…from me “I can’t!” I wailed over Nancy “I can’t do that! She’s awful She helped them She heldmurderer!”

Caleb’s face was grave as I yelled the word ed forward and I flinched, but Nancy was his target He lifted her head roughly, craning it in my direction With his eyes fixed on me he whispered in Nancy’s ear

“Yes!” she yelled, “Anything…just don’t kill me,” she sobbed

Caleb let go of Nancy’s head like he’d just touched a piece of shit with his bare hand “You hear that?” He pointed his finger at me, “She just said she’d kill you herself if we let her live instead Is that the kind of person you want to spare?!?”