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“No! Damn you, Antonio—”

“I a you Stop fightingyourself Admit it is the same for you”

“No,” she said again, “no…”

His ain in a hard, passionate kiss Kyra went coed the desire she had tried so hard to suppress hours ago in her bedrooined wanting any man

She raised herself to hi to his kiss

Antonio stu his hard body support her soft, supple weight

“Kyra,” he whispered, “Kyra, htly at her bottom lip as his hands swept into her hair He drew her head back, looked down into her eyes “I want you now,” he said fiercely “I cannot wait any longer”

Kyra felt herself quicken at his harsh words “Here?” she whispered “In the stable?”

”Sí No one will disturb us My men are out with the horses”

“But—but—” She caught her breath as his hands swept under her shirt and cupped her naked breasts “Antonio,” she said, “Antonio…”

He swept the shirt over her head It sailed through the air and into a corner Her hands rose instinctively to cover her breasts, but he caught her wrists and drew her hands to her sides

“No,” he said, “no, do not hide from me, Kyra Ah, you are so beautiful”

Kyra held her breath, waiting as his hands let go of hers, as they lifted slowly to her breasts and cupped them, and when his thumbs moved across the pink crests, she moaned with pleasure

“Do you like it when I touch your breasts?” he said thickly His hands were still on her, touching and stroking, but his eyes, dark as ht, were on her face “Tell me what you like Tell me what you want”

“I want…I want…” She touched the tip of her tongue to her lips Her body had told him, and her kisses, but now she said the words that had been buried deep within her all these weeks “Oh, Tonio,” she whispered, “I want you!”

Antonio caught her to him and kissed her deeply Then he scooped her up into his arh the stable to a shadowed stall spread with clean, sweets her as he did, and then he took a folded cotton blanket from a shelf, spread it over the hay, and eased her down beside him

“I have dreamed of this,” he whispered

She smiled “Have you?”

”Sí I have drea you, so” Hisyour breasts” His hand drifted over her skin, caressing her until sheyou mine”

His fingers closed on the zipper of her shorts It opened and his hand slid inside, his fingersover her belly and into the soft curls that were already damp with her need

Kyra caught her breath as Antonio’s palm closed over her

”Querida You are so hot, so wet…” His hand ers stroked

“Tonio,” she whispered, her eyes wide, “wait”

“Kiss ainst her mouth

She did, and while his tongue ainst her flesh until suddenly, with a soft, wild cry, she bucked against his touch in ecstasy

“Tonio” Her voice broke Her hand rose, cupped his cheek “Tonio, I never ”

He smiled, turned his face and pressed his lips to her palm Then he drew back, pulled off his shirt, and took her in his arain

The feel of her skin against his was so si he’d ever experienced He kissed her, reveling m the taste of her ht them to his shoulders and drew her flattened palms down his chest while he looked into her eyes They were dark and ith desire Slowly, he eased the shorts from her body

The sight of her lying before hiuid, was almost more than he could bear She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen Her breasts were round and rose-tipped above a slender waist; her hips were sweetly curved and looked uarded her femininity was a lush, deep auburn

Antonio’s muscles tensed He ached to bury his face at that juncture of her thighs, to inhale her scent and taste the petals of the flower he knew lay hidden within her

But he was already too close to the point of no return He didn’t want to enter her in one swift thrust and then explode within her like a boy, and that was surely ould happen if he gave in to the pri its ancient beat in his blood Instead, he kissed herhimself in its sweetness and its heat, and then he rose, kicked off his sneakers, and undid his zipper

Kyra caught her breath at the soft sound of the zipper opening Her heart cried out for Antonio’s possession but her head arning her that once she’d ain

But it was too late for rational thought Antonio was standing before her, his eyes as blue as the sea, his face flushed with desire, and Kyra’s heart kicked against her ribs

He was olden and tautly muscled His skin was satin laid over steel, and she ached to touch all of him, to see all of him

It was as if she had spoken aloud Antonio stripped off the shorts and stood before her, glorious in his arousal

Her eyes flew to his and he saze ant face, and with shattering swiftness her heart flooded with an eht tears to her eyes