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The shorts were baggy and the shirt hung halfway down her thighs and could have housed a family of five within its voluminous folds, which was fine because itunder it but her skin The thought of putting on her unwashed bra and panties hadthem over the shower door to dry

There wasn’t a way in the world anyone could possibly guess she had left off her underthings Still, she was suddenly, almost painfully aware of her body as she stepped from the bedroom Her breasts felt sensitized to the soft brush of Antonio’s shirt; the deniainst her flesh as she walked

Her legs felt terribly long and bare despite the fact that the cuffs of Antonio’s shorts ended just above her knees The truth was that when she wore al in her closet back ho now

Kyra frowned She was being ridiculous This was as unattractive and sexless an outfit as a woman could possibly wear Besides, with any luck at all, the only person she’d see the rest of the day would be Dolores

Briskly, she shut the door behind her and made her way down the wide staircase

Her footsteps slohen she reached the ground floor Last night, the only thing she’d noticed about the house was its enor; it was beautiful, too White stucco walls soared to reen plants everywhere and great expanses of glass let in the bright tropical sun The furnishings co was clean-lined, simple and handsome

It was irown up in The Landon mansion was a testa very different Antonio apparently understood what made a house a home

Which only proved how deceptive appearances could be, Kyra thought, giving herself a little shake This house ht be his home but it was her prison

The kitchen was huge, bright with sunshine and with a dizzying variety of potted flowering plants Sliding glass doors looked out onto a wide brick patio

Kyra paused uncertainly She’d expected to find Dolores standing by, ready to give her her ed, then headed for the pot of coffee sitting on the stove There was a pair of brightly colored ceraside She filled one to the bri sip

Mht be a head-bobbing slave to a cold-blooded tyrant, but she could make a terrific cup ot—

The patio door slid open Kyra turned around just as Dolores stepped into the kitchen A straw basket was hooked over her arreen and red peppers Her dark brows rose at the sight of Kyra, but she smiled politely

”Buenos días, señorita” She slid the door shut, put the basket down, and bustled to the refrigerator “I a If you will tell me, please, how you prefer your—your…” She paused, and Kyra could see her struggling for the right word ”Ay, cómo se llama heuvos?”

“They are called ‘eggs’,” Kyra said in Spanish Her tone was cool but polite “I speak your language, Dolores Last night, you talked to Señor del Rey as if I were not present, but I assure you, I a every word you say”

Dolores’s black eyes were unapologetic

“I had no way of knowing you spoke our language, señorita,” she said stiffly “If I offended you, I apologize”

Kyra returned the unflinching look for a moment and then she blew out her breath

“I’er out on you You’re only a slave here, the same as me”

The housekeeper smiled uncertainly “Pardon?”

“Neveryou into this” Kyra put down herand put her hands on her hips “Well, I’m yours to command”

Dolores’s srew even more uneasy ”Señorita?”

“What do you want me to do? Scour the commodes? Hose down the stables?” Kyra threw out her hands “Dust? Scrub? Sweep? Just tell et started”

The housekeeper was looking at her as if she’d lost her mind

“If you would just tell me what it is you wish for breakfast, Señorita Landon—”

“Call me Kyra And I’ll ht direction”

Dolores looked aghast at the suggestion “Please, señorita, go into the dining roo to you”

“I auest here, Dolores Didn’t your boss tell you that?”

“Not a guest? I do not understand If you are not the Señor’s guest, then what—”

“Señorita Landon is here as my employee”

Kyra spun toward the doorway Antonio was standing just inside the roos apart

“And you are not to wait on her,” he said coldly “She will take her own meal, and then you will put her to work”

Dolores blanched ”Señor, por favor, I cannot possibly—”

“You h I suspect she will prove useless at all but the sis Perhaps she can learn to scrub floors”

Kyra didn’t think She si at his head It s thunk and an evenshower of dark brown drops

For an instant, nothing happened Then Dolores crossed herself and muttered a prayer in Spanish, but Antonio’s sharp oath drowned it out He was across the rooer, his fingers steely as they wrapped around her shoulders

“You will not i the spoiled brat, Kyra”

“There’s no way my lot can improve until I’ve seen the last of you!”