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“No,” Kyra whispered

His lips ht as the brush of a butterfly against the petal of a flower The breath sighed from her lips as he drew back and looked down at the flush on her beautiful face

She was right; he should not do this It was surely not what he had come here to do

Dolores had told him, in tones of crisp disapproval, that it was obvious to anyone but a fool that the gringa in the guest rooht

“I will bring her so,” his housekeeper had said, and Antonio had bitten his lip to keep fro for Señorita Landon himself

And so he had come to the door and knocked And then he’d opened it, seen the rumpled bedclothes, the wisps of silk so carelessly discarded at the bathroo of the water in the shower and so of the blood in his veins and he had told himself that to wait for her would do no harm

He lifted his hand and drew it over her soft, shining hair She didn’t move but she made a little sound and he saw the flicker of her dark, thick lashes She was like a cat, he thought, a cat that longed to lift its head to the soft stroke of a hand

This was crazy It was stupid

Then why this rush of blood each tihtly into his arms, to seize her mouth with his and plumb its sweet depths?

There was only one way to get her out of his system He had to take her, bury himself in her until he was sated And he could have her Despite her angry words, her heated denial, he could see the truth in her silver eyes, feel it in the soft compliance of her body

His hands cupped her face “I have wondered,” he whispered, “are you everywhere the color of the sun?” His hands swept into her hair as he lifted her face to his “Or is your body like creaht has not touched it?”

He heard the swift hitch of her breath, felt her sway unsteadily His gaze fell to her mouth He saw her lips part She whispered his name and suddenly she was in his arms

He kissed her until her mouth was soft and swollen, and his hands went to the sash of her robe She er knew if he could be stopped His control, the control he so prided hi into a sword of hard steel; he had never felt such an urgency in his life and yet he wanted to take hours to touch her, to explore her, to watch as her eyes flashed with bright silver fires

They were s now, he saw, as he undid her robe and slowly drew it from her shoulders His hands trembled; he yearned to look down and see if her breasts were as perfect as he knew they must be but he wanted to watch her face as he caressed her

“Antonio,” she said fiercely “Antonio, please…”

It was a different plea sheHe slipped his hands under her robe, slid them down her spine and cupped her bottohs so that she could feel the full power of his arousal

A cry broke from her throat and he bent and took herher without words what his body would feel like in hers, and as his heat conquered her will and filled her senses, Kyra admitted the truth to herself She had wanted Antonio, wanted him to sheathe himself inside her and ride her until the skies exploded around theht they’d met

He was ainst her belly, his hands holding her face captive for his kisses And she was going crazy in his ar little sounds she had never dreaue into her et closer and closer to him

Nothing had prepared her for this The books she’d read, the whispers shared with girlfriends, the clurown up with…none of it had hinted at the reality of as happening to her now

How could she know that the feel of a man’s mouth—of Antonio’s mouth—would make her breasts ache? How could she know that his touch wouldto fire, to hot liquid fire that pooled in that deepest, most feminine part of her

She had never i love could be like this

Of course she hadn’t She had neverseduced by an expert—an expert who had said he’d rather take a vow of chastity than take her to his bed

The realization stunned her and she went rigid in his arht for control of her flesh Antonio had come here to do this To seduce her To conquer her To punish her with the ultimate humiliation

And she had almost let him

She swung her fists against his shoulders, taking him by surprise

“Dao of me!”

Sharp satisfaction swept through her as he stuone through almost ile It was so obvious! He’d co despicable, and she had stopped him

”Querida,” he said, “what is it?”

“Give it up, Antonio” Her hands shook with anger as she clasped the edges of her robe together “That passionate Latin-lover routine doesn’t work on me”

He was looking at her as if she’d lost her ht of what she’d co him do…

“Is this how you get your wo them here and—and…Don’t you knohen a woman wants you to stop?”

The flush of passion was fading from his cheeks He looked at her steadily, his eyes unreadable The only sign of distress she could see in his face was the twitch of a tiny muscle in his jaw